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"I want to help tell stories of people who often don’t have a voice"

About tjalina

What: Independent international filmmaker. 

Focused on human-interest stories and NGO’s.


Tjalina is producer and reporter for national news in the Netherlands. She is used to interview, film and edit news and human stories under high pressure.  


“I am passionate and dedicated to my job since I’m 13 years old. As a TV reporter I specialized in human stories, charity organizations and NGO’s.


After filming refugees and people in oppressed situations in Malawi and Greece, my aim is to help tell stories of people who often don’t have a voice”. 


Tjalina works as a single-man crew, or together with other cameramen, producers and editors.

Next to her own company, she is also co-founder of film production company ‘Camee’.


“I am super excited to hear your stories, and always open for new adventures and opportunities. You want to talk or share ideas? Look forward getting in touch! ➡ “tjalinanijholt@gmail.com” 


Her social attitude, open mind and flexibility has brought her many adventures all over the world.


Human Interest Portraits in Kenya and Tanzania

Until January 2022, Tjalina has worked and lived in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania for five months. Here she produced, filmed and edited six video portraits/small documentaries of partners of travel agent Charlie’s Travels. She stayed in their houses for 2-5 days, experiencing their local life, in order to create an in-depth video about their lives, work, families and ambitions.


International documentary in Malawi 

In collaboration with Unicef, Anne Frank Stichting Basel and DocEye Amsterdam, she interviewed children living in oppressed circumstances like refugee camps, teen pregnancy or poverty. 


Human Stories in Greece

At the refugee camps on Lesbos she filmed the work of NGO Movement on the Ground and many personal and emotional portraits of refugees

Eurovision Songfestival

In 2022, she worked as Backstage Assistant for the Eurovision Song festival, guiding the artists and delegations of Italy, Portugal and Albania during their performances. 


Documentary in Senegal

After learning French, she independently filmed a documentary about Sustainable Farming in a village in Senegal.



x Travels Africa

Tjalina has a big passion for living and working in Africa and was lucky to film documentaries and human stories in the last years in her favorite continent. 


In 2017 she learned French and worked and lived in Senegal where she shot a documentary on sustainable farming. 

In 2019 she worked on a documentary in Malawi, together with Unicef and DocEye Amsterdam. 

From 1st of October 2021 until January 2022 she traveled and worked independently in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to shoot stories that were worth to tell for travel company Charlie’s Travels. 

In January–March 2023 she traveled and filmed in South-Africa, Eswatini and Lushoto (during a road trip from Johannesburg to Cape Town). 

In November–December 2023 she traveled and filmed in Namibia, Botswana and South Africa. 

One of the side-projects of her is Humans of Africa, a collection of portraits in exchange of gifting photos to the portrayed.

“When I travelled through Africa I soon realized that many people have no photographs of themselves and their family. While that can be such an precious memory, especially when you lose a family member.

So Humans of Africa aims to take photos of people, give their story a voice in video and text, and print out the photos as a memory”. 



Every person has a story to tell. Tjalina’s aim is to share thoughts, dreams, hopes and fears in a personal and creative way.


The upcoming years Tjalina wants to specialize in making documentaries. 

After documentaries in Senegal and Malawi, she is ready to take the next step. 


Tjalina has been reporting news-stories on national and regional level in the Netherlands and abroad.  This has been both on and off camera. 

extra skills

Next to interviewing,  filming and editing, she also knows her ways in organizing events like Eurovision Songfestival, presenting, creating social media content, hosting and voice-overs.

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